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Tough-1 Clinician Stick Training Whip – Stick with string for horse training

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Tough-1 Clinician Stick Training Whip

A training aid for natural horsemanship techniques.

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  • It is a 4ft long stick, with a diameter of 1.5 inches.
  • The handle is tapered and has a rubber grip for comfort.
  • The string is 5 ft long and has a 6-inch leather popper at the end.
  • The stick is made of fiberglass and bends will without loosing its shape.

What is the purpose of the stick and string?

A lot of people go back and forth about the stick and string. Training a horse with a stick doesn’t seem very humane to come. Here’s the thing, I have learned over the years that you want to expose your horse to as many different objects that are not going to hurt him as possible. It’s all about using your training tools and aid properly, and that includes the stick and string for horse training.

It acts as an extension of the horseman’s arm, making it possible to cue the horse from a distance while doing groundwork exercises. The stick and string are used for desensitizing exercises – teaching the horse to stand still and relax to pressure – and sensitizing exercises – teaching the horse to move his feet to pressure. It is never used to hit the horse in any way. It is not meant to discipline a horse, but to teach the horse.

Is it worth buying?

I’m my opinion, it is a must have when owning a horse, even a well-trained one. You can never do enough sensitizing or desensitizing exercises. (I will talk about these exercises in a later post). Having the proper tools for horse training is necessary and i truly believe that the stick and string is necessary. It lets your horse know exactly what you want from him. Use it with or without the string and discover yourself the difference it makes in your training.

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