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Downunder horsemanship with Clinton Anderson – The Method

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I have been following Clinton Anderson for many years now. He is one of many trainers that I turn to when in need. I have applied many of his lessons with success. As an Australian- American Trainer, some have never heard of him, even with his many clinics across the world.

A few years back, I came upon a 4 years old stallion named Macho. The lady that had him told me that he was untouchable. Being who I am, I said “No way”. She then told me that if I could get him into my trailer, he was mine. My thoughts were.”Piece of cake”, until I tried to put him into my trailer.

Lets just say, the next 4 hours were very long ones. When I managed to get him in and leave for home, I started doubting myself. Maybe I bit off more than I could chew. This horse had never been handled, only put in a large field for 4 years where he was free to run from humans, and they let him. He had never had a halter, never been lead. I don’t even believed he had ever seen a vet or a farrier.

When I got home, I decided to do a bit of research. I knew I was going to need some help. That’s where I came across Downunder Horsemanship with Clinton Anderson.

Three months later, with the help of Clinton’s Method, Macho was ready, willing and able to be re-homed to be a cutting horse.

Who is Clinton Anderson?

Clinton Anderson was born and raised in Australia. Growing up in the city, he would go to his grandparents on weekends and ride his grandmother’s old Thoroughbred mare.

At the age of 12, Clinton started playing polocrosse and was chosen for a National team representing his state. At the age of 13, he attended one of Gordon McKinlay’s clinics, where he learned how to do groundwork and riding exercises that now make up the basis of his Method. Clinton then began a 2-year apprenticeship with Gordon, where he started and trained over 600 horses.

At the age of 17, Clinton graduated from Gordon’s apprenticeship program. He then began working for Ian Francis, where he learned how to get a horse soft and supple and ready for competition.

After a year, he used his knowledge and expertise to open his training facility in Queensland.

The Success Continues

From there, Clinton ran his business and taught clinics until 1996, when he came to the United States for a short apprenticeship with Al Dunning. He then returned to Australia in 1997 to continue running his business as well as winning the first-go and placing third in the Australian National Reining horse Association futurity on his mare Mindy.

Who is Mindy?

Mindy later traveled to the United States with Clinton and helped him establish Downunder horsemanship. She became an iconic horse in the industry, helping Clinton educated thousands of horse owners.

Downunder Horsemanship

From there, Clinton moved to the United States and officially launched Downunder horsemanship and his renowned Method. He then began touring the country, doing clinics, creating DVDs and training tools to help horse owners learn horsemanship.

Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship – Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground, Series 1

Today, Clinton continues to instruct clinics, presents the Walkabout tour across the country, produces TV shows, and is constantly creating training materials and tools to make horsemanship as easy as possible.

The Method

Clinton’s Method is very simple. He teaches horse owners how to effectively communicate with their horses. As you go through his training, you notice that in every lesson there is a step-by-step system called 8 Steps to Success. It is the simplest way to understand and know exactly what steps to take and what to expect from your horse.

Clinton focuses a lot of the Fundamentals. It is your foundation for gaining respect, control and communicating efficiently with your horse.

Going back to Macho

I needed Clinton’s help with Macho, but going to one of his clinics was impossible for me. So naturally I turned to books and DVDs. I followed his Method, step-by-step, with much success. Today, I still refer back to his training material.

What I like best about Clinton Anderson is that he does his training with a straight forward attitude and I can say, this have saved me from making many mistakes in my training.

I’d love to hear from you and what you’re training method may be. Who do you turn to for advice? What kind of reading material or DVD’s you have invested in? Leave comments or questions below.

Happy Training


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