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Braided Rope Halters – a great training aid

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Through the years, I have had hundreds of different halters, and lets be honest, then you are training a horse, braided horse halters may just be your best friend.

Why a rope halter?

A rope halter is made to put pressure on a smaller more distinct area of the horse’s face. When used properly, it acts as an aid for the control of your horse’s head.

I have reviewed a ton of different rope halters over the years. These are some that I’ve purchased or considered purchasing online.

Southwest equine Rope Halter and Lead with braided noseband

Price : 82.00

Customer Rating : 4.7 out of 5


  • Being made from a heavy-duty mountain rope this halter
    is built to last and endure just about any weather you throw its way!
  • This rope halter includes a 7′ detachable lead
  • The braid across the nose piece allows for a little more control when
    your horse decides to feel frisky!
  • The semi-adjustable design allows the halters to fit anything from
    a large pony to some warmbloods.

Available colors : Green and Black, Black and Turquoise, Brown and Turquoise, Hot Pink and Silver, Purple and Silver, Royal Blue and Black

Where to buy:

Classic Rope Complany Braided Rope Halter with 8ft lead

Price : 60.83

Specs :

  • Classic Equine
  • Strong and Resilient halter with weight similar to mule tape
  • 8 lead rope made of a special poly material with a UV protective coating preventing stiffness
  • Colors are water fast and fade resistant

Where to buy :

Mustang Flat Plaited Noseband Halter w/Lead

Price : 163.41

Customer Rating : 3.9 out of 5


  • Brushed Poly
  • Flat Noseband
  • Attached 10′ Lead
  • Super soft feel
  • Mule-Tape Like halter, at a price you can afford.

Available colors : Black, Blue, Purple, Turquoise, White, Lime, Hot Pink, Blk/Lime/Turq, Grn/Prp/Turq, Red/Lime/Black..

Where to buy :

CHALLENGER Nylon Horse Braided Rope Halter Beaded Noseband w/Lead Rope

Price: 118.30


  • Average Horse Size
  • Turquoise/Orange
  • A braided soft yet sturdy blue rope halter that features a flat
    nose and comes complete with a matching ten-foot lead. Beaded nose band
    gives a fun fashion flare to the noseband. Durable and easy to care for.

Color : Turquoise/Orange

Where to buy :


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